1. Ship's main & auxilliary diesel engines:


auxiliary engines:

S20D, S20H, AL20/24, AL20D, AL20H, AL25/30, ASL25/30, ASL25D, ASL25H, ATL25D, ATL25H, AV25/30, ASV25/30, ASV25H, ATV25H, ATV25/30, BAH22,...


main engines:

RTA58, RTA62, RTA62U, RTA72, RTA72U, RTA76, RTA84, RTA84C, RND68, RND68M, RND76, RND76M, RND90, RND90M, RL56, TD36, TAD48,...


main and auxiliary engines:

L16/24, L28/32H, L23/30H, L35MC, L50MC, L67GF,......



main and auxiliary engines:

ZL40/48, ZV40/48, ZAL40S, ZAV40S, .......


2. BBC Turbochargers:
VTR-160, VTR250, VTR400/401, VTR631, NAPIER R 510A and others.


3. H. Cegielski Air compressors types:
SC-115, SF-125, SE-160A etc.


4. Dębica Refrigeration and a/c system compressors:


5. Marine & industrial pumps:
a) G.Z.U.T. Gliwice water pumps: 40Wa, 40WL, 40Wsa, 63Wa, 63WL, 63Wsa, 100Wa, 100WL, 100Wsa, 160Wa, 160WL, 160Wsa,

250Wa, 250WL, 250Wsa, 400Wa, 400WL, 400Wsa, 630Wa, 630WL, 630Wsa, 10TKE, 16TKE, 25TKE.

b) Sludge pumps P.S.R. (32, 40)

c) HYDROSTER - Screw and axial piston pumps of variable delivery :
type: ACE32, ACE38, ACG38, ACG45, ACG60, ACG70, ACF80, ACF110, ACF125, ABF110, ABF125, ABQ110, AAH60, AAH70,
SPV 5, 8, 9, SPV 30, PPZA 2 ,3 , 4, 6, 8, SOK......


6. Oil separators-capacities:

ALFA LAVAL MAPX 104,204,207, 309

7 . Ponar Wadowice.


8. Elmor


9. Towimor


10.PZL Wola


11. WSK Rzeszów


12. Warma filters: FO, FSA-A/a, FL2-A/a, FP, FP-P/a, FLP2-A/a, FLP2-PA/a.


13. SFUP pumps: 25YnoL, 32YnoL, 40YnoL, PJM, SK, SKA, KS, PP, Z2Z.


14. FUO Rumia coolers.


15. Klimor refrigeration and a/c system spares.


16. PBUCH Gdynia cooling sysytems spares.


17. Mawent air blowers spares.


18. Hydro-Vacuum pumps: SK, SKA, SKB.


We work with polish made equipment and spares so any time You will need anything just ask.

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