Here below are the brands and types of parts and devices we are mainly working with. We offer spare parts and for some of them we can offer complete units.

1. Ship's main & auxilliary diesel engines:


auxiliary engines:

S20D, S20H, AL20/24, AL20D, AL20H, AL25/30, ASL25/30, ASL25D, ASL25H, ATL25D, ATL25H, AV25/30, ASV25/30, ASV25H, ATV25H, ATV25/30, BAH22,...


main engines:

RTA58, RTA62, RTA62U, RTA72, RTA72U, RTA76, RTA84, RTA84C, RND68, RND68M, RND76, RND76M, RND90, RND90M, RL56, TD36, TAD48,...


main and auxiliary engines:

L16/24, L28/32H, L23/30H, L35MC, L50MC, L67GF,......



main and auxiliary engines:

ZL40/48, ZV40/48, ZAL40S, ZAV40S, .......


2. BBC Turbochargers:
VTR-160, VTR250, VTR400/401, VTR631, NAPIER R 510A and others.


3. H. Cegielski Air compressors types:
SC-115, SF-125, SE-160A etc.


4. Dębica Refrigeration and a/c system compressors:


5. Marine & industrial pumps:
a) G.Z.U.T. Gliwice water pumps: 40Wa, 40WL, 40Wsa, 63Wa, 63WL, 63Wsa, 100Wa, 100WL, 100Wsa, 160Wa, 160WL, 160Wsa,

250Wa, 250WL, 250Wsa, 400Wa, 400WL, 400Wsa, 630Wa, 630WL, 630Wsa, 10TKE, 16TKE, 25TKE.

b) Sludge pumps P.S.R. (32, 40)

c) HYDROSTER - Screw and axial piston pumps of variable delivery :
type: ACE32, ACE38, ACG38, ACG45, ACG60, ACG70, ACF80, ACF110, ACF125, ABF110, ABF125, ABQ110, AAH60, AAH70,
SPV 5, 8, 9, SPV 30, PPZA 2 ,3 , 4, 6, 8, SOK......


6. Oil separators-capacities:

ALFA LAVAL MAPX 104,204,207, 309

7 . Ponar Wadowice.


8. Elmor


9. Towimor


10.PZL Wola


11. WSK Rzeszów


12. Warma filters: FO, FSA-A/a, FL2-A/a, FP, FP-P/a, FLP2-A/a, FLP2-PA/a.


13. SFUP pumps: 25YnoL, 32YnoL, 40YnoL, PJM, SK, SKA, KS, PP, Z2Z.


14. FUO Rumia coolers.


15. Klimor refrigeration and a/c system spares.


16. PBUCH Gdynia cooling sysytems spares.


17. Mawent air blowers spares.


18. Hydro-Vacuum pumps: SK, SKA, SKB.


We work with polish made equipment and spares so any time You will need anything just ask.

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